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This is super simple: 

Your Marketing Needs are covered a 100%

What ever your video marketing needs, I'll take care of it. 

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If your pants are on fire and you need help with something specific  you can schedule time with me right now!

You want structure: I have it

If you want to optimize your overall video marketing approach we can follow my - not quite - trademarked approach of: 

No matter how you approach Video Marketing, the order of things will always be the same and if you skip a step you've got no video or bad video, and we trust you want neither.

30 years of experience as filmmaker, five years experience as digital video marketer, and 20+ years experience as small business owner puts me in a position where I can say: I've seen it all, I've done it all (well, the video part of it at least).

As video marketer I've helped 100 of people get fast results through realistic and executable coaching.

Happy Clients:

Danni Gomez 

Founder | Creative Dental Connections

"Highly Recommended! Working with Nina helped me be more independent in my business and learn how easy it is to shoot and edit your own videos" 

Juliana Marulanda

Founder | Scale Time

"I never realized how easy making a video can be with guidance and focus on the right things. I am now able to make decisions about my video needs with confidence and can even produce some videos on my own."

Julie Chan

Founder | Being My Purpose

"Nina's insights and the supportive environment she created helped me learn the basics about developing my own videos. The biggest step was getting over the fear of being in front of the camera!"

Pricing is super simple:

See if you like working with me, and book an hour with me:
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The Small Print:
This is one session, valid for 3 months after purchase.
All sessions are via phone or video conference.
We will supply links to connect, if you choose video conferencing over phone.
Put that big toe into the water and try us out!
- Have a few video marketing questions?
- Need a discerning eye on your video work and a reality check?
- Wonder how and where to start and how much time and cost is involved?
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More Happy Clients:

Samir Selmanovic, Executive Coach | Wisdom Workroom

Matt Schaffnit, CPA, CFA | Formerly COO | LenditApp